Hello Internet - Domain registration

When are .nyc auctions scheduled?

The planned schedule for the start of auctions is as follows (note that auction participants will be notified by email at least 5-10 days in advance of an auction starting). Auctions are scheduled in three batches according to the first letter of the applied-for .nyc domain application.

BATCH 1: A – I October 23 – 27, 2014
BATCH 2: J – R October 28 – 31, 2014
BATCH 3: S – Z November 3 – 6, 2014

Auctions are scheduled in batches to minimize the number of simultaneous auctions that any one participant may have to monitor. Auction start dates will be on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. We will try to accommodate and adjust for major holidays.

I received a notification that I am involved in a .nyc auction, what do I do now?

After receiving a .nyc auction notification, there are 3 steps:

1. Use the unique link in the .nyc email notification to sign-up for a SnapNames Auction Account. If you have received notification, but not received such a unique link, please contact SUPPORT@OWNIT.NYC.

2. Verify your SnapNames account to enable bidding on your .nyc application

3. Place your opening bid

Each applicant that has a duplicate .nyc landrush application and is scheduled for an auction will be notified in an email from Auctions@OwnIt.nyc. Within the notification email, each qualified auction participant will receive a unique link to sign-up for their Auction Account with SnapNames, the .nyc Landrush Auction Provider. Each applicant must use their unique link to connect their SnapNames account with their .nyc auction name.

Once a participant has applied for an account, they will be able to place their opening bid for their .nyc domain name.

All auction participants must have a valid account with SnapNames and place their opening bid prior to the start of their specified auction date.

Further instructions once the Auction Account is opened will be sent directly from SnapNames.com leading up to the scheduled auction date.

What happens if I didn’t receive a notification? How do I get information regarding my .nyc Landrush application?

If you have applied for a .nyc domain name during the Landrush period and have not been notified that you were the only applicant or that the domain name will be subject to an auction, please contact SUPPORT@OWNIT.NYC as soon as possible.